Ένα από τα πιο γραφικά χωριά

Σπιτι για 4 άτομα. Petit σπίτι σε ένα από τα πιο ιστορικά- γραφικά χωριά της Νάξου , την περίφημη Κόρωνο. Θα ζήσετε την αυθεντική χωριάτικη φιλοξενία..

Θα αδράξετε την ευκαιρία να ανακαλύψετε παρθένους κολπίσκους για το κολύμπι σας.. Ιδανικό για όσους θέλουν να ζήσουν εναλλακτικές διακοπές..!

Υπέροχος χώρος

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We strongly recommend this house, in the middle of the lovely and quiet village of Koronos, at the north of the island. We were warmly welcomed at the port and also at the house : The fridge was full of delicious fruits and cheese! The grand parents living just above were also so kind and welcoming. Dimitra was very helpful during all our stay, in order to discover Naxos and all the beautiful places around. So, all I can say is : don’t hesitate and go, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay as much as we did!
Hélène-Αύγουστος 2021
Amazing place, beautiful village, very quiet. People there are super kind and I would definitely recommend this place for your stay in Naxos. The view is amazing and it's not something you see everyday.
Lazar-Αύγουστος 2021